Tristar Ecopower 4s 98W 2516 R17 universal tyres passanger car
Contact phone
+370 687 77319
Unit price
40 €
Passanger car
Year of manufacture
Tread Depth mm


+37068777319 S. Batoro g. 5, Vilnius, 8-17val. d. d.
54.688541, 25.344869 (WGS)

bei atsarginiai ratai (ploni ir standartiniai)

155/65R14 Michelin Energy 4x3333mm 75T dot5106 5eur
175/65R14 Dayton D110 2x33mm 82T >> dot1109 5eur
185/70R14 Nokian i3 2x66mm 88T asim 20eur
195/60R14 Tigar TG635 2x44mm 86H 10eur
185/65R15 Pirelli P2000 4x4444mm 88H 10eur
195/65R15 Lassa Impetus Revo 2x44mm 91H dot1110 10eur
195/65R15 Uniroyal Rallye 540 4x6677mm 91H dot0603 >> 20eur
195/65R15 Michelin Energy E3A 2x44mm 91H dot1006 10eur
205/55R16 GoodYear Excellence 2x23mm 91V dot1507 5eur
205/60R16 Marshal Matic XM 2x55mm 92H dot4814 20eur
205/60R16 Triangle Sport ATP TR918 2x44mm 92H dot4010 10eur
205/60R16 Uniglory Evolution 2x55mm 92V 15eur
215/55R16 BFGoodrich g-Grip 4x3344mm 93W >> dot1410 10eur
215/65R16 Dunlop SP Sport 200 2x85mm 98W 15eur
225/55R16 Dunlop SP Sport FastResponse 2x44mm 95W 10eur
215/55ZR17 Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 4x3344 94W dot3011 15eur
225/50R17 Pirelli Cinturato P7 2x44mm 98W dot0613 10eur
225/55R17 Bridgestone Turanza Re300 2x66mm 25eur
235/55R17 Bridgestone Turanza Re300 2x66mm 25eur

165/65R14 Nokian Hakkapeliitta2 2x55mm M+S 79T >> * dot0302 15eur
165/65R14 Kormoran Snowpro 4x7788mm M+S 79T dot4016 30eur
175/65R14 Tigar Sigura Stud 4x7788mm Dygl M+S 82T >> dot3911 25eur
175/65R14 Kelly WinterIce 4x9999mm M+S 82Q dot2910 30eur
175/65R14 Yokohama ice Guard stud 4x6666mm M+S 82Q dot3109 15eur
175/65R14 Nokian Hakkapeliitta4 4x3445mm Dygl M+S 82T >> dot3507 10eur
185/65R14 Hankook Zovak HPW401 4x7788mm Dygl M+S 86T 25eur
185/65R15 Fulda Kristall 4x6667mm M+S >> dot2205/2904 20eur
185/65R15 Barum Polaris2 2x66mm M+S 88T >> dot2407 15eur
195/65R15 GoodYear Eagle ultra grip 2x55mm M+S 91H >> dot2605/2405 15eur
195/65R15 Kumho ice power 2x34mm M+S 91Q dot2208 10eur
195/65R15 Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 4x6667mm M+S 95T >> dot1412 20eur
215/65R15 Sava Eskimo HP 2x44mm M+S 96H >> dot4211 10eur
205/55R16 King Meiler All Season Tact 2x66mm M+S 91H >> dot2815 15eur
205/60R16 Gislaved NordFrost 5 2x66mm M+S 96T >> dot1709 15eur
215/55R16 Nexen Winguard ice 2x88mm M+S 93Q dot1813 25eur
215/65R16 GoodYear Eagle ultra grip 2x33mm M+S 98H 10eur
225/55R16 Bridgestone Blizzak RevoGr 2x34mm M+S 95Q dot2509 10eur
225/55R16 Nankang SnowViva SV-1 2x33mm M+S 95H 10eur
225/55R16 Pirelli Winter 210snowsport 2x33mm M+S 99H dot1808 10eur
235/70R16 Federal Couragia s/u 4x8888mm M+S 106H >> dot0410 45eur
225/45R17 AG Optima 830-ICE 2x88mm M+S 91H * dot2215 >> 30eur
225/50R17 Continental ContiW.C.TS810 2x55mm M+S 98H dot0809 15eur
225/55R17 Continental ContiW.C.TS810 4x4455mm M+S 97H dot2307 15eur
225/55R17 Continental ContiVikingcontact 5 4x4444mm M+S 101T dot4209 15eur

4x100/52 volvo
4x100/54 toyota mazda suzuki daihatsu
4x100/56 honda rover kia mitsubishi subaru daihatsu
4x100/59 nissan subaru
4x100/60 renault daihatsu
4x108/65 citroen peugeot volvo saab rover
4x114, 3/64 honda rover
4x114, 3/66 nissan
4x114, 3/67 volvo mitsubishi hyundai kia
5x108/60 renault
5x108/63 ford jaguar
5x108/65 citroen peugeot volvo
5x114, 3/66 nissan
5x114, 3/67 mitsubishi mazda ford dodge toyota
5x120, 65/74 jaguar

Gaubtai originalūs: BMW Citroen Honda Lancia Mitsubishi Nissan Peugeot Renault Rover Saab Jaguar XJ

Sellers contacts
+370 687 77319
+370 687 20091
Message to the seller
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Vilnius, Lithuania
Stepono Batoro g. 5, 01206 Vilnius
Darbo laikas: 8:30-17:00 d.d.
Tel. nr. +37068777319
El. paštas:

586708, 6062209 (LKS)
54.688833, 25.344862 (WGS)
54° 41' 19.8", 25° 20' 41.5" (WGS)

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