Mercedes-Benz R Klasė 2012 y parts

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R Class
2012 y.



Rear door (right)

Rear door (left)

Rear door glass (right)

Rear door glass (left)

Other Glass

Front door (right)

Front doors (left)

Front door glass (right)

Front door glass (left)

Mirror (right)

Mirror (left)

Body front


Body rear

Trunk lid

Rear bumper

Rear lamp right

The rear left lamp

Rear spar

Rear window


Kebulo ir vaziuokles dalys visu modeliu lengviesiems automobiliams ir mikroautobusams nuo 2006 metu laidos, prekyba, uzsakymai autodaliu paieskai.
Daliu papildymas kiekviena savaite, didelis pasirinkimas daliu is sandelio. Prekiaujame Radviliskyje-Siauliuose.Taip pat galimas daliu pristatymas ir i kitus Lietuvos, Latvijos ir Estijos miestus.Israsome saskaitas fakturas.
Taip pat superkame devetas kebulu dalis naujesniu modeliu automobiliams, dalys gali buti su minimaliais defektais, didesnius kiekius pasiimame patys.Pasiulymus priimame telefonu arba emailu.
Papildomas nr.+370 670 29397 Sigitas
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MB Balverslas
+370 699 69305
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Siauliai, Lithuania
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