Volkswagen LT 31 D 21E19B Reviews

Volkswagen LT 1989-1996
Engine l.:
2.4 l
51 kW
Fuel type:
0-100 km/h:
Avg. fuel consumption:
Reviews: 1 0
Average score: 3.5
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Reviews (1)

Volkswagen LT 35 TDI 2DD132/W60, 1997y.

Talpus, Ekomiškas, Patvarus, Remontas bei detalės pigios
Rudys, Eletros gedimai.

Turim LT 35 2.8 TDI 92Kw. Labai ekonomiškas iki 9ltr/100km ( MAXI)
Kaip ir visi sprinteriai rudyja, bet gerai padarius ilgai tarnauja.
Turi šiokiu tokiu bėdu dėl elektronikos, kurios periodiškai atsiranda.

Value for money
Interior materials
El. reliability
Overall stability
Fuel cons.
Operating cost
Auto build years 1989 - 1996 (1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996)

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