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Autogidas is autoclassified portal with more than 160 000 advertisements. Huge transport and parts variety compared to other autoclassified portals in Lithuania. Every day Autogidas is visited by almost one hundred seventy thousand potential customers. Every day there are inserted almost three thousands auto advertisments.

Auto portal contains number of useful features, those features will be very handy searching for car. Tons of interesting information can be find in articles section. Portal have sofisticated forum where you can ask questions and find useful tips and suggestions. One more very grate tool is located in infoblock witch provides cheapes fuel prices in your local city or town.

Portal contains huge variety of advertisements. Ads are inserted by private users and companies (autodealers). In auto classified portal can be find new and used cars, car parts and many other. Private user can have one advertisement for free.

Auto catalog information: +370 5 207 5057
Work hours: I-V 08:30 - 17:00